Spirit Twin “Anymore”

Director Anthony Prince teams up with music duo Spirit Twin in "Anymore" a dark fantasy short film narrated by the Tarot. In “Anymore”, Spirit Twin embark on a spiritual journey with the encouragement of a few mythical forest beings along the way.

“Anymore” is a story of awakening, rebirth and ultimately, a return to nature. We find Allen and Anna underneath the setting winter sun, brewing a magic potion to invoke Mother Earth. Almost immediately they’re separated and become lost in the chaos of their individual experiences, where they encounter mythical forest beings that both frighten and inspire awe. Tarot cards are used to give context to each character that they meet. Allen and Anna eventually find each other again at the foot of Mother Earth herself. 

There they are presented with a prophetic message and returned to their conscious state—awakened, enlightened, and anew. “Anymore” is a song that looks at the impact of the current state of our technology obsessed culture, where people are left less in touch with themselves, their physical connection to the world and the people around them.


Director - Anthony Prince
Art Director/Stylist - Ashley Cimone
Director of Photography - Matthew Kroger-Diamond
Colorist - Josh Bohoskey
VFX Artist - Michael Das
VFX Artist - Samtubia Edwards
Production Company - Equator Productions
Production Assistant - Maxine Batchler
Jewelry provided by L’enchanteur
Wardrobe provided by House Of, L’enchanteur and I Waited For You

Music Credit
Written by Spirit Twin
Produced by Kyle Patrick
Mastered by Joe Laporta

Special thanks to Gunny and Alessandra Delacruz